Version 2.9.8

"Major Clouds."

New Pencil web domains introduction, such us,,,, docs.pencil.liand, a Metaverse Office launch, also the World Wide Blockchain Developer Conference announcement confirmed

🟠 Status

UNDER MANTENIENCE (Upgrading to 2.8.9 != 3.0.0)

πŸ“ƒ Notes: Minor UI & UX improvements!

    ✨ NEW

  • A new page comes live πŸ™Œ!fastest.pencil.domainspage, was added to our family links, to ensure nobody get lost πŸ₯°. (YES! We take care of you 🀫.

    πŸ’Ž ADD

  • Docs was redesigned 🀩docs.pencil.lipage, to create an extraordinary jourtney β›Ί, more efortless to read and better user interface, by ♻️ simplyfing the notes.

    βœ… FIX

  • Support links atfastest.pencil.domainspage, on the menu were fixed πŸ₯³, this will allow you to 🏎️ reach your desired content πŸ”€.

Version 2.9.8

πŸ“… 06/09/2022
Notes: New startup web domain, Metaverse Office launch, World Wide Blockchain Developer Conference announcement.

    ✨ NEW:

  • From now on we are no longer called pencil domains, we are Pencil with Pencil Domains, Canarchain and Canarcoin projects. A new official home site! will house all our links, we make this business strategy movement to ensure our position on the market, secure and amazing way to write fastly the link. You will be able to find or type on your favourite browser: "" That easy! It isn't fantastic?.
  • Canarchain lands into Pencil sites This smnall investment will allow us on a future to create services around the blockchain of $CANAR. You will be able to find that at: > Canarchain > Canacoin, or in the footer.
  • This new site also lands today to our family links, we think it's important to invest in ourselves and follow the Bitcoin sites online path. In a while, this will allow us to ensure developments for $CANAR. You will be able to find that at: > Canarchain > Canacoin, or in the footer.
  • Newsroom arrives to announce news and Handshake, Solana or Blockchain news, also press releases. You will be able to find that at: > Newsroom, or in the footer.
  • will added, a redesigned page will host a temporary site for a new registry on the Update 3.0.0. You will be able to find if you tap on any "Buy" button of the whole Pencil Ecosystem, or in the footer.
    New Metaverse Offices:
  • As far as we know, every serious company has their own office, although we work at US or Andorra sometimes, why not to work from United States Metaverse Servers from Meta? Here they are the new Metaverse offices, we encourage to say, we invited some important people for future events or collaborations.
    Prepear your suits:
  • We announced a new event coming soon, the World Wide Blockchain Developer Conference, WWBDC, or WWDBC, we also invest into .wwbdc/ and .wwdbc/ TLDs!
    We added footer links of that sites:
  • at the footer of all pages.
  • at the footer of all pages.
  • at the footer of all pages..
  • at the footer of all pages.
  • at the footer of all pages.
    On YouTube, and Marketing:
  • We added a new description for videos, providing all kinds of links.
  • We translate the page into new languages, all in english standard.
  • We added new logos into all pages to celebrate pride month.
  • We added the new logo into Newsrooms and YouTube.
    On Newsroom, and Corporate:
  • We added a menu on the blog, to ensure navigation, back and forth in all sites.
  • We added trademark content into the trademark section.
  • We added the version update on the footer to make easer anyone to acces to this notes!

    βœ… FIX:

  • We Fixed SSL certificate link of
  • We changed the protocol http to https of footer link on all pages.
  • We Fixed menu bar links borken on all pages.
  • We Fixed footer links borken on all pages.

    πŸ” CHANGE:

  • We hided all bars to find domain names at the registry, due new changes and future update 3.0.0.
  • We changed into the menu bar newsroom http protocol to https protocol, to ensure secure, relaible and stability.
  • We recoded all the footer of all pages for a better UX and UI.
  • We designed new marketing twitter posts.
  • We write new descriptions on all social networks.
  • We recoded the homepage and implemented into the new domain.